Parish Environmental Action Plan

What is Brickendon PEAP?

Brickendon PEAP is a project aimed at improving the environment and countryside in the parish of Brickendon Liberty. The project aims to get local people involved and increase the overall knowledge and understanding of the environment.

There is local steering group for the PEAP which meets every month to discuss what is happening and to make future plans. The steering group is made up of local people who live in the parish and members of the parish council. Anyone from the parish wishing to join the group would be most welcome. The Countryside Management Service (CMS) attend occasional meetings, by request of the group, to provide support with particular projects.

How did the PEAP get started?

The Countryside Management Service originally promoted the idea of the project at a Parish Council meeting in 2002. Initial interest was shown and the CMS then worked on a promotional campaign of activities with the parish to gain local interest and involvement. These promotional activities included: obtaining comments and ideas at the village fete in 2002, presenting a suite of project ideas at a later parish council meeting, and running a nightime wildlife event on the village green to capture local interest. These activities helped the PEAP to gain acceptance by the Parish and local people, and on 25 June 2003 the first steering group meeting was held at the village hall attended by all those with an interest and officers from the CMS.

What can Brickendon PEAP actually do?

The PEAP is able to do a number of things, which are reliant on the steering group meeting and taking action:

The Action Plan

The following table is list of projects that the Steering Group hope to take forward over the next 2 years. This is effectively Brickendon’s Environmental Action Plan.


Parish Map

Design of the parish map was finished in April 2005.