Sport & Recreation

Public sports facilities in Brickendon Liberty parish are mainly based on – or close to – the village green.


The village green has two open goal posts with a sizeable playing area between them. It is not marked up but is great for casual kick-abouts and practice shots. Five-a-side matches can also be played on it. But we have no formal team and to date no one has shown any interest in organising any regular activity. However, local youngsters take the opportunity for a kick-about on it.


We have two tennis courts adjacent to Brickendon Green (at the top of the lane from Bayford Station). They are in an idyllic rural setting. There is a hut with chairs (dare we say to shelter from the rain!) They cost £5 hour for residents of the parish and £6 an hour for non-residents. We are trying to set up an informal club to enable people with a limited number of partners to play more regularly (so let us know if you might be interested in taking part) and another to encourage children to learn to play.

brickendon tennis courts


Forget the image of old men in berets in the Place de Ville. Boules/pétanque is an internationally played game for men and women of all ages. In Brickendon it is played in the car park of The Farmers Boy where five temporary ‘pistes’ are laid out, and is now the most popular sport played in the Parish. Since the first social games in 2004, members have gained experienced from club play, match play and training days arranged with experienced coaches. Brickendon Pétanque Boules Club is now affiliated to the Chiltern Region of the English Petanque Association and has a team in the Central Herts Pétanque League. The thirty members have mixed skills and on average 16 players arrive to play at each meeting. Anyone can join for £2 pa whether or not they live in the parish. Social games are played every Tuesday evening from 5.30pm, and alternate Sunday mornings from 9.30am-noon. Matches at home and away are played on Monday evenings. The club is particularly keen to encourage youngsters (both girls and boys) to enjoy this skilful game and get hooked on the art of ‘shooting’ - hitting a boule directly, or ‘pointing’ - getting it really close to the ‘coch’ (short for cochonnet, ie. jack), whilst playing pétanque. For more information contact John Lambie on 511551 or visit the club’s website.


Table Tennis

Table tennis is played once a week throughout the year in Fanshaws Room (the parish hall). We have one table which is set up currently for adults. During the winter play takes place every Tuesday evening from 8 to 10pm and during the summer every Thursday evening (except when a parish council meeting takes precedence). Details from Marion Todd on 511497. The table is easily set up and we would like to encourage young people to learn to play, perhaps on a weekday evening after school with adult supervision and are waiting for volunteer parents to come forward to initiate the proposal.