Welcome to Brickendon Liberty

This is the community website for the civil parish of Brickendon Liberty, Hertfordshire. We are a thriving and active community with a number of clubs and groups.

The parish of Brickendon Liberty lies in the south-east of Hertfordshire, and although less than 20 miles from central London still retains its rural character. The parish comprises the village of Brickendon, the hamlet of Wormley West End, the developments at Clementsbury, Monks Green and Highfield, a number of outlying homes and farms, and much of Broxbourne Woods, Hertfordshire’s only National Nature Reserve. It extends to almost 1,400 hectares (approx. 3,450 acres) and has a population of about 600.

Brickendon Liberty is predominantly given over to agriculture and woodland management and also includes a golf course and a zoo, which is one of Hertfordshire’s top visitor attractions. There are a number of businesses in the parish including the Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre of the Malaysian Rubber Board, the Institute of the Motor Industry, Paradise Wildlife Park, Brickendon Grange Golf Club, A H Nicholls & Sons, the Farmer’s Boy and the Woodman public houses, as well as several farm- and home-based businesses.

Key statistics for the parish from the 2011 census are available on the ONS website.

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Next parish council meeting is on Thursday 26 May at 7:30pm in Fanshaws Room; it will be preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting which is an opportunity for parishioners to raise any items independent of the PC.




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Are there any adults or children in the Parish who would be interested in attending cycling proficiency training in Brickendon village (complete beginners very welcome)? If so, Kate has identified a training partner and would like to know numbers. If interested, please email Kate on k.falloon@btinternet.com to confirm adult/child and numbers of each, plus your location. close