Fanshaws Room Committee

The Fanshaws Room Committee is constituted under a Deed of Gift which donated the building to the parish council. The committee is responsible for management of Fanshaws Room (the village hall).

Linda Ashley
Vice chair:
Janet Burger
Robert Williams
Alison Blakey
Hall bookings:
Brenda Lambie
Mitch Brummit
Other members:
Jean Retallick
Lawrence Price
Amy Hughes
Mhairi Laker-Sims
All parish councillors

The committee meets several times a year. Minutes of meetings will be published here once they have been agreed; a report is given to the parish council at its meetings and an AGM is held every year in Fanshaws Room in order to report on the year’s activities and appoint a committee for the following year. All parishioners are invited to attend the AGM.