The Sounds of Brickendon

There are Candles in the Windows of Brickendon Church

We are delighted to have a composition for harp and organ composed for our little village. Entitled There are Candles in the Windows of Brickendon Church, for the congregation, it was composed by Jeffrey Mayhew and has been recorded by world-renowned harpist Margaret Knight with Jeffery Mayhew on organ on the CD A Voyage of Sound. For several years Margaret used to give an enchanting concert in the chapel, which was inevitably packed. Used with kind permission of Margaret.


Brickendonbury March

Brickendonbury MarchThe Brickendonbury March was composed in 1898 for George Pearson, who at the time owned the Brickendonbury estate, by Louis Lombard (1861-1927) and was dedicated ‘to my friend George Pearson, Esquire’. Unfortunately Mr Pearson made few friends in Brickendon and Hertford when he closed off a number of rights of way through the estate, and he was taken to the High Court. He died shortly after settlement of the court case and would have had little time in which to enjoy the composition.

Luckily sheet music for the march has been preserved, and thanks to Terry Cain whose father worked at Brickendonbury, we have a synthesized rendering of the march.

More recently we have obtained a version of the march played by a military band. We are most grateful to members of the Central Band of the RAF who specially recorded the march for the village.


Brickendon Boogie